♥ Saturday, February 14, 2009♥


The following are my wants.:) if you have any of these instocks,feel free to contact me and i will buy depending if the prices fits my budget.:) swops are very welcome for any of my instocks if you have any of these instocks (brand new).2nd hand items of these wants are welcome too as long as they are in good condition and the price has to be lower than wat i budgeted.

Thanks ! :D

my donut-addict STOPS!

♥ ♥

fred perry inspired shirt < $20 (above and below pics)
Ronely < $25 MAILED One pc dress < $18 MAILED
Boho top < $16 MAILED

Black Highwaisted Skirt < $15 MAILED/Vintage brown belt < $8 MAILED
Denise monochrome top < $18 MAILED Vintage batwing top in grey< $15 MAILED

my donut-addict STOPS!